6 Things Fearless BBWs Wish the Travel Industry Knew

I am the self-proclaimed voice of the traveling BBWs even though no one else calls me that.  We travel.  We get out there and live life to the fullest and we are fearless!  Ok, just because we are fearless, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a few questions prior to setting out on that adventure.  When people think about full figured women they don’t think about all BBWs, they have the tendency to think about my sassy sized 12 and 14 or even sized 16/18 wearing sisters.  I am not even sure why they’re called plus sized in the first place because lots of BBW, big beautiful women, wish they were that size so we can call off our weekly Monday diet!  But, I digress.  Who am I representing here then?  I am talking about those sexy, sassy, phat (pretty, hot and tempting) chicks who wear sizes 20 and up.  I am talking ‘fiddle round the middle’, junk-in-the-trunk and boobs that look like JLo’s butt in a bra!  That’s the girl I am talking about and those women live life also.  We are not moo moo wearing, skirted bathing suit dawning, fashion-less homebodies sitting around waiting on weight to miraculously fall from our thighs before we enjoy ourselves.  We live!  We are alive!  We travel people!!

Let’s talk seatbelts.  Seatbelts on a plane are like Snakes on a Plane for some people!  Like a scary movie that will ‘happen’ to them when they travel.  Airlines!  The friggin’ thing can be tightened up!  What? Are you afraid that skinny people will fall out of the plane if you make it a few inches longer?  Why not have a compartment right at the seat where the extensions are stored so your full figured flyers don’t have to ask for them?  You could even throw one into every overhead compartment so they’re up for grabs without your customers having to ask.  Or… why not have an option on the website when purchasing the ticket to select if you want an extension or not so it is already in place when the customer gets to their seat?  I mean, we big girls and guys should be able to sit comfortably on your airline without having to say ‘hey my seatbelt doesn’t fit over my belly like everyone else’s so could you please give me something that’ll make this thing fit?”


Transportation once we get to the destination is definitely something we think about because carrying luggage all over the airport is the pits.  Hey little golf cart driver!  You see me over here struggling with my bag, help a sister out!  We don’t, per se, “worry” about the transportation, but we do wonder about how it’s going to be, especially when in another country.  While in Jamaica there were taxis and shuttles from the airport to the hotel, but there were also random cars (not so pristine either) trying to pick me up.  After several plain cars full of other people pulled up offering a ride, I realized that they were unofficial taxi drivers and they didn’t believe in riding one fare at a time.  BBWs like to know what they’re getting themselves into and when I ride, I like enough room to spread out.  Besides we like to know if we should wear heels, flats or sneakers depending upon how far we have to walk and what we’re doing.

Hotel accommodations are a bit concerning for everyone, I am sure, but for BBWs, there are a few things we look for in a good hotel.  We can carry our own bags, so you can just bell-hop yourself right out of my way, thank you!  Everybody’s looking for a dollar.  I need to know about the shower!  How small is it?  How clean is it?  Will I have to wash all of my 2000 parts three times because I keep touching the shower curtain or the wall?  Hotel folks!  Just invest in the friggin’ bowed out shower rod!  They have them at Home Depot.  You can do it! They can help!  A bowed out shower rod helps in so many ways.  It instantly enlarges the shower, it keeps us from touching the wall and the shower curtain (even if it is clean, it freaks us out).  And another thing… Would it kill you to install a handheld showerhead? No, it would not.  Those are like big ole gifts from the shower gods.  We have them at home and they help us feel loved when we are away.  Trust me, this is a plus for everyone, not just the plump population.  I also hate visiting the spa while vacationing simply because of the particularly small robe.  It’s like every spa received their robe shipment from oompa loompas and there is a Do Not Return clause in the trade agreement with Loompaland.  If I can go to a department store and purchase a large enough robe to cover both my derriere and chest, then so can you.


We wanna drink that shot of whiskey… No, really, it’s not just a country song.  We really want to eat, drink and be merry when we are away from home, but we often wonder what the bathrooms are like.  Well, this one is for attractions and restaurants.  Let me see if I can break this down for you.  Public bathrooms yucky, gotta go pee, it’s sucky.  We just want a bathroom that is clean and large enough to do our business without having to touch the walls.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  BBWs really have a thing about touching walls.  But, EVERYONE does.  The point is, our thinner brothers and sisters don’t usually have to worry about that.  In this situation, even our big, hunky guys don’t have to worry about larger bathrooms because they have urinals.  We just want to be able to go to the bathroom, not touch anything in the bathroom if we don’t have to and NOT be forced to use the disabled stall, because, helloooooo, there are disabled people who truly need to use those bathrooms.  I always feel so bad using them, but short of losing all of my baby fat, what’s a girl to do?  Fatten up those restrooms people!

When I book a cruise, the best thing about searching for excursions is knowing exactly what to expect.  Those websites have it right.  They tell you level of difficulty, who they recommend taking the excursion and if there are any restrictions.  Well, I am not always cruising.  Sometimes I want to do things in my own backyard, but they are not so free with the information.  It would be nice if every company would take the time to spell things out on their website to spare their customers from having a bad experience.  I went to the beach with my boyfriend and he wanted to go on a ride with a company that will remain nameless (because they were very nice and I am not here to bash).  The guy let him pay for the both of us and assured us that it would be no problem for me to ride.  I asked if there was a weight limit, he said there wasn’t one.  I asked to sit in the seat first, since I know my boobs are like JLo’s… forget it… like Kim Kardashian’s butt during the pregnant months.  Just as I thought, my boobs were too big for him to fit the over-the-head bar down to secure it during my ride.  Luckily, only my boyfriend, his niece and the worker were there and my guy loves himself some me.  I said all of that to say, please let us know what to expect before we get there.  Mmmk? Thanks.


Big cities of the world, please stop with the turnstile gates in your subways, event halls and attractions.  When you have those little turnstile gates and you herd everyone into one of them unless they’re in a wheelchair, you’re basically telling your BBW consumers that you don’t want their business and you’re not concerned with whether or not they visit your establishment.  I’ve been in the subway in New York and had to go through those tiny little gates and at events where you had to go through the turnstile because it counted each guest.  It’s no wonder they also call it a baffle gate, because I am baffled by the fact that any venue thinks that those contraptions are a good idea.


This is not some ‘I am woman hear me roar’ rant.  It is a genuine concern for me and my people!  Viva la revolucion!  Or should I say vavavoom la revolucion!  We just want companies to think about all of their customers when building and designing stuff because we have purchasing power and we ain’t afraid to use it.


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