Everyone Needs A Nest Egg

I woke up one morning wanting something out of the norm.  When I was younger, I wouldn’t be caught dead eating runny eggs.  Well, actually, that was the only way I would be caught eating runny eggs… dead.  Now that my palate is a little more sophisticated, I love my eggs par cooked.  I had pizza dough in my fridge and had to use it before it went bad, which happens really quickly once you open the package.  I made a little nest out of the dough and baked it about halfway to doneness in the oven.  I took the half-cooked dough out of the oven, put a slice of cheddar cheese in the bottom of it and cracked a large egg into it and topped it off with salt and pep.  Then the whole thing was placed back into the oven and baked until the bread was browned and the egg stopped moving when shook.  It was already such a pretty little package but I added some pesto on top for extra flavor and sex appeal.



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