ripened stuffed tomatoes with herbs

When veggies threaten to go bad it is better to throw them into a big pot and cook them than to throw them out.  In this case, the tomatoes were very ripe and needed to be used immediately.  Though tomatoes taste great just fresh from the fridge with salt and pepper on them, I don’t like them too soft if they are fresh so I decided to bake them.
Fresh rosemary and thyme from the garden, olive oil and salt and pepper went on the wedges.  On a non stick pan I sprayed with non stick spray, I placed the tomatoes in a 425 degree oven for about 20 to 30 mins just until they looked baked enough… Just watch it closely.
I also hollowed out a couple tomatoes and seasoned them with the same herbs, sun dried tomato feta cheese and stuffed them with chicken flavored rice. (the kind that comes in a package to be microwaved for 90 seconds). I just put some fresh parsley on top and left over bacon from breakfast for some extra flavor.  It was very good….. No need to let your veggies go bad.
What I Would Do Differently Next Time:  I would remove some of the seeds from the tomato prior to baking them because it was VERY juicy for me.  You may like the extra juice but for me it was a little more wet then I prefer.
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