acorn squash soup

On a cold day in Florida, you know, that one day around January or February wherein the temperature drops below 70 degrees; I like to have a little soup to warm up with and so the birth of this acorn squash soup.
I used lots of spices to give this soup great depth of flavor.  To start, I dry-pan toasted some ground turmeric, ground cumin seeds, herbs de provence and whole coriander seeds.  After I toasted them I put them in the mortar and pestle and pounded them into a fine powder. (the coriander may not get small enough for you so you could put them in a spice grinder)  I used about a half teaspoon of each of these.
I also got some curry power, ground mustard, ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg ready to put in the soup…  I used about a half tablespoon full of each of these…
And extra virgin olive oil, salt, parmesan cheese… use the olive oil to coat the veggies for roasting… then salt to taste and put parmesan cheese to taste.  I used about a tablespoon full of each.  It seems like a lot of salt but Its to flavor a big pot of soup.
Paprika (smoked or sweet is fine) and celery seed… about a pinch of each…
I chopped up half an onion and got 6 whole cloves of garlic.
Look how beautiful this onion is… it looks like a long corridor with a light at the end of the tunnel…
You can use any type of mushrooms you would like to… stems and all…
Yellow squash… I only used a couple of these because they have a sharp bite to them… they are almost peppery to me so I wanted to pair them with the milder, sweeter acorn squash.
Here is an acorn squash… You just peel it (good luck getting in the grooves) and cut it in half and scoop the seeds out with a big spoon.  I am sure you could save those seeds and roast them and salt them like you do pumpkin seeds but I have never tried it before with an acorn squash.
Cut up all veggies, onions, mushrooms, use the whole garlic cloves and squash…
I added all of my seasonings to the veggies before roasting in a 400 degree oven until brown and tender.
Place the veggies in a big pot and add chicken broth to cover the veggies about an inch over.  I used about a can and 3/4 of the next can…
Once the veggies are boiling, remove from the heat and use an immersion blender to blend the mixture.  Of course you could use a regular blender or food mill for this soup.
To make it creamy I added a couple tablespoons full of greek yogurt and in this case you could add heavy whipping cream or cream cheese if you would like.
I added a little sugar (it doesn’t have to be Splenda), it was great to wake up the flavors in the soup.
To finish it off, I added a little margarine and canned milk to taste.
Garnish with a little more greek yogurt and grab some crusty bread.  YUM!

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