fried ravioli…

Looking for a good finger-food? Make a quick and easy batch of fried ravioli.  Grab some prepackaged ravioli.  Next, set up three different bowls for your breading station.  In the first bowl put some flour, salt and pepper.  In the second bowl put eggs and whip them up good.  In the last bowl put panko breadcrumbs.  You will dip your ravioli in each bowl respectively but my advice is that you use two forks to help you with this because it makes things much easier.
In some vegetable oil, lightly fry your breaded ravioli but don’t overcrowd your pan because if you do, you will lower the temperature in your pan and steam your ravioli.
Drain them on a paper towel and pair them with your favorite dipping sauces.
Here’s the fried ravioli joined by some worthy plate-mates.  Hope you try this and enjoy!

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