carrabba’s italian grill boynton beach, fl

A friend and I met up for lunch at Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Boynton Beach.  Here is a look-see at what we enjoyed.
Peach Sangria…
Can you believe Carrabba’s Italian Grill took the shrimp scampi off of their menu?!?!? (at least in my area they did)  I was so sad that my waiter went and asked the kitchen if they could make it for me anyway and they did!  Customer service?  Absolutely!!!
Look at that?  Why take that off of the menu?
My dinner partner had Cozze in Bianco (mussels)…. My first time trying them out (the first time I ever tried them I cooked them myself and posted it on this blog… go check it out)
This is her caesar salad…
This is my chicken veggie soup…
I had the lobster stuffed ravioli…
I can’t remember the exact name of my friend’s dish but it was fettuccine with some sort of white wine sauce and shrimp.
We opted for the dessert with nutella, bananas… grilled on a panini press… dusted with a little sugar and a chocolate dipping sauce.  It was a nice combination but we were almost to full to enjoy it.  Almost!

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