french toast with banana topping and egg poppers

For this delish French toast, crack a few eggs and add a splash of heavy cream, cinnamon and nutmeg in a flat surfaced bowl.
Here is the bread used for this recipe… just an Italian loaf sliced thinly.
After the bread is quickly dipped in the egg mixture.  For thicker bread the dip should be longer but for bread this thin, I literally put it down on one side and turn it to coat the other side and remove it from the eggs.
Put the bread down in a skillet with melted butter or Pam.
On the other stove eye, here is the bubbling beauty, the bananas foster mixture.  You can find out how I made this in another blog entry about bananas foster by clicking here.
Pour over the toast with a dollop of whipped topping… some egg poppers on the side…
This was so delicious and pretty that I took several pics of it!
Last one… promise!  Find the blog on egg poppers to learn how to make those little egg geniuses next to the French toast.

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