lemongrass and fenugreek tilapia

This dish was very exciting for me because the flavors are not what I am accustomed to but I tried them anyway.  Start with some almost thawed out tilapia (not completely because we don’t want the marinade to cook the fish).
Squeeze the juice of half a lime (or lemon) onto the fish…
Here are the fenugreek seeds from a local farmer’s market…
Cumin seeds… whole ground black peppercorns… mineral rich French sea salt…
Greek olive oil…
Here is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets… mortar and pestle
Put in all of the seasons with the oil and pound.  If you do not have a mortar and pestle, well, shame on YOU… no kidding… just grind them the best you can….
Rub the paste on the fish (which is not completely thawed yet… remember)
Place in a ziploc bag…
Then add your lemon grass puree… let it marinate in the bag for about 20 minutes while you prepare some other dish to go with it…
Once you remove it from the bag… sprinkle on some paprika for color and pan fry it…
Here I just paired the tilapia with a simple spinach salad with celery stalks on the side.  This was light and had exquisite, big flavor.
The star of the show?  Lemon grass!  Try this dish and tell me what you think!
Side Note:  How I Clean My Mortar and Pestle
I simply run it under warm water… no detergent… just rub it with my fingers… then dry it out with paper towel…

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