5 different days, 5 different ways: eggs edition

Bruschetta Baked Eggs
This dish was so simple and SO yummy that it should be a crime.  Good thing it’s not though because I would be a premeditating, repeat offending, crime committing fool!
Get a casserole dish, your favorite bruschetta, seasoning and of course, your eggs.
Start by spraying the pan lightly just in case, then put down your bruschetta.  Notice there are two cradles there for the eggs.  Sprinkle in as much or as little of the red pepper flakes as you want.  At this point I would also season with the salt and pepper because the tomatoes are not salted.

Crack your eggs into those cradles (as you can see above I only cooked two eggs so I only made two cradles)
Sprinkle your choice of cheese all over the top.

Bake in a 350 degree F oven for about 15 mins and it will look like this.  
OPTIONAL: Sprinkle some Panko breadcrumbs over the dish and drizzle it with olive oil for crisp browning and place back in the oven for a couple mins.

I took the Panko option and it looked like this…. 

I garnished with a little fresh basil from my very own balcony garden.  (Very proud if I must say so myself!)
This was a very hearty and filling dish.  I only ate one of the eggs and was so full.  Even though it is eggs, it completely has the feeling of dinner or at least a heavy lunch.  
Bruschetta Baked Eggs: CONQUERED! 

This is the end of 5 Different Days, 5 Different Ways: Eggs Edition!  Tell me how you liked the series!  Comment… Subscribe to the blog…  I will be featuring one ingredient per month (for now), so make suggestions on other things you would like to see me cook 5 different ways!


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