5 different days, 5 different ways: eggs edition

Eggs Poppers
Which came first the recipe or the egg?  Of course… the idea of the recipe came first but without the egg the recipe couldn’t come to fruition so I guess what I am trying to say it… this recipe was delicious!
Take a non stick mini muffin pan and spray liberally with a non stick cooking spray or grease.

Crisp up some bacon.  Now if your bacon is as salty as mine, there is no need to salt this dish.

Mince up some onion (or whatever else you want to put into these) and crumble up the bacon and put into the muffin pan.  Cheese goes on top of that and because of the salt in the cheese AND the bacon, remember we are not salting the eggs.

Beat the eggs up with a little heavy cream or a flavored sauce if you would like.  Sour cream or creme fraiche would also work for this recipe.  Pour over your other ingredients.

You have these beautiful little pockets of goodness and bake them in a pre-heated oven of maybe 350 degree F for about 10 mins or until they puff up and appear done.

Here they are puffing up and appearing to be done.

They will deflate a little once you remove them from the oven but that is not a problem.  Who wants to eat all of that air anyway?  I would much rather eat eggs!

I loved the specks of pepper that I saw throughout and they were creamy, fluffy and tasted so good.  There can be so many variations to this dish that I know I will make them over and over again.  
Egg Popper: CONQUERED!


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