5 different days, 5 different ways: eggs edition

Poached Eggs
Well, for these egg recipes I like to start with an egg that I know is really fresh.  Not that freshness doesn’t count all the time but when the yolks are not fully cooked it is important to be sure the eggs are extra fresh.
Get some water in a pot.  If you are not sure how much water, place an egg in there and fully cover it and then you know you have enough to cover the egg.

Lots of recipes call for white distilled vinegar because it helps the egg to coagulate properly instead of floating around the whole pot.  I figured that the only reason for this was because of the acid so I replace the vinegar with the juice of two limes and it worked like a charm!

Crack your eggs in a bowl to be sure you don’t break the yolks, there are no shells and for easy pouring.  Cook them on a medium heat for at least 3 mins but more depending on how runny you like your yolks.  For beginners who are not fond of runny yolks I would cook it a little longer.

Have an ice bath ready for the eggs to stop the cooking process.  They are delicate but they won’t break if you handle with care.

Get your favorite sauce, flavored butter or mix your own butter with any fresh herbs you have on hand.

Toast up some bread and make it toasty enough so it stands up to the sauce.  Put a dollop in the bread to nestle the egg onto.

To finish I just placed the egg on the sauce, put another small dollop on top and seasoned with a tiny pinch of salt and plenty of pepper.  Next time I will put some fresh herbs on top and maybe a dash of hot sauce.  It was surprisingly delicious!
Poached Eggs: CONQUERED!


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