simple creamy chicken lettuce wraps

I was looking for a light and low carb dinner to make for my dinner guest and I and decided to make lettuce wraps.  The type of lettuce you use is up to you.  I have used romaine lettuce, some people like to use bib lettuce but here I just used plain old iceberg lettuce.  I took the core out with one good whack on the counter and carefully removed the largest outer leaves and give them a quick rinse.
In my skillet I started with a small drizzle of olive oil to get the bacon started then added in my bacon.

I took the bacon out and put it on a paper towel to drain.  I added chopped onions to that bacon fat in my skillet.

I also added chopped button mushrooms once I sweated out the onions a little.

Here is what they look like after a little browning.

I took some ground chicken breast… and… 
I seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper, paprika for color and a few dollops of fat free cream cheese.

Here is the plate of goodies all ready for my lettuce wraps.  Do you see that little space on the plate next to the mushrooms?  I put a couple pinches of shredded mozzarella in that corner for the toppings.  I also took the bottle of red pepper flakes over to the dinner table as well. 

I know it seems like the lettuce is huge compared to the ingredients on the inside but trust me, this was so filling and so meaty!  There is a very good reason why you see something that looks like a creamy chipotle sauce… because it is a creamy chipotle ranchero sauce!  

I know someone out there is saying… “hey she used a flash and shouldn’t have!” You are absolutely right but this was at night and there was no natural light and even with the horrible lighting in my apartment, it was just not enough.  I reluctantly HAD to turn on the flash but I don’t think the end product was too washed out by the flash.  Let me know if you try this… it is delish!  You will DEFINITELY not be disappointed with this one.


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