oysters on the half shell

Never having cooked nor even tasted oysters before, I was a little nervous about this episode.  Here goes nothing…
I scrubbed the oysters and washed them as much as I could.  (video coming next of how to shuck oysters)

Here they are on the half shell…  For those who are like me, you will want to clean all of the loose particles out of the shell so I ran cold water over each of them before cooking.  Sorry, I have a thing about washing my food.  Dirt is not my fave ingredient.

I used my cast iron grill pan which worked like a charm.  To start I added some oil to the pan.  I salted and peppered and drizzled evoo on the oysters. 

Right into the shell I added some lemon herb butter, fresh crushed garlic, and pinot grigio.  I did this because I figured it would be easier than making a white wine sauce separately.

I then sprinkled about a half teaspoon of panko breadcrumbs on top…

A sprinkle of mozzarella cheese… 

NOTE: The stove is on medium and the oysters are cooking the whole while I am adding these ingredients.  Be careful because there is lots of popping going on as ingredients are added because of the hot oil in the bottom of the pan.

Once it was all piled on, I put the whole pan in the oven just until the cheese melted.
Here is the finished product.  Eat this with a fork cause those shells are hot.  I just paired it with a spinach, grape and mozzarella cheese salad.  YUM!

Verdict: This was one of the most amazing seafood dishes I have EVER tasted.  I really enjoyed it and so did my house guest.  


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