desserts of the bahamas…

Chocolate Melting Cake with vanilla ice cream…  I was good but had some technical issues with it.  I would blow it because it was hot and icing sugar would fly all over.  The flying sugar startled me and I gasped and inhaled icing sugar (my definition of sweet death).  Once I figured out how to cool it down without killing myself or spraying dust everywhere, the top layer was pretty good.  The next layer I reached, however, was spongy and instead of seeming like a sponge cake, it just seemed a bit under cooked and not in the “hmmm this is yummy not cooked cookie dough” kind of way.  I forged ahead being the determined Foodie that I am and dug a little deeper to the bottom of this little diddy and found the mother-load!  The bottom of this cake was DELICIOUS.  It was just like melted chocolate and I wanted to fall into the center of this bowl and each my way out something like Augustus Gloop did in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
Homemade cheesecake with raspberry sauce and a divine little dollop of sweet crème fraîche.  

I know that this is considered dessert but it is a welcomed after dinner treat.  I am trying to learn to drink mine black but until then, cream and sugar it is.

Well, sometimes a girl wakes up in the middle of the night with things of a most delicious and naughty nature on her mind.  On this night at 2 AM, I decided to indulge with free room service.  
This is a dark chocolate cake with a creamy and extremely light chocolate mousse in the side.

Ok, the Carnival Sensation does love its icing sugar!  This time I was prepared with a chanted mantra of “don’t blow, don’t inhale”.  That’s a lesson that can take you really far in life!

Then my waiter did this to my dessert and do you see that sweet little bubble on the left side of the bowl?  That is a sure sign that something delish is going on in this bowl.  Have you ever cooked anything that tastes cook that didn’t bubble up at some point?  Didn’t think so.  
It was a bit spongy but in a good way, lighter than I thought it would be and not too sweet but just sweet enough to be dessert.  After all, it was a banana souffle.

So while I was stuffing myself with dessert, my sister didn’t feel like ordering dessert and asked me if there was anything I wanted her to order for me.  I asked her to order this next delightful plate because it didn’t seem much like a dessert to me but I did want to try it.  It has sourdough bread, poached pears, grapes, strawberries, aged cheddar, brie, aged swiss, blue cheese and one other I can’t recall.

Here are a few things I got from the Sweet Treat Bar.  Sweet rice sushi, lemon and raspberry pie, almond palmier, orange sugar (the white rock on the left of the screen), almond biscotti, chocolate truffle and chocolate covered orange peel.  The sushi was a bit different but ok.  I was not fond of the lemon pie.  The biscotti and palmier were so good, especially dipped into the chocolate cup a little further below.

Chocolate pudding with slivered almonds.

There was a chocolate found… below is a chocolate covered donut and slice of pineapple.

While waiting on a show to start I decided to get a little snack that consisted of a chocolate covered strawberry and a shot of expresso.  I had never had just plain expresso before and it was NOT my fav.  I tasted it natural without sugar just to get a taste of it.  I added two Splenda and it helped but I like my expresso with cream so now I can say I had it but I never have to try it alone again.  

Here was some birthday cake in celebration of my sister, Dieidre Hillery’s, birthday.  As a matter of fact, today is her birthday as I sit here and write this on August 28th.  This cake was delicious and she said she enjoyed her piece as well.


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