malanga… eddoes… root vegetable…

Ever heard of Malanga (Eddoes in some countries)?  Well, neither had I (or good for you depending on your answer).  I saw this root vegetable in the grocery store one day and decided that I would grab myself one and try it out.  Being the self-proclaimed Googlicious one, I went in search of how it should be prepared.  Not being one for recipes, I just looked at how some people prepare it and decided on frying it.  Here is how I did it.
First the Malanga was peeled with a vegetable peeler and then shredded.
Next came the seasonings; salt, pepper, grated garlic cloves and a small sprinkle of curry powder. 

I didn’t have any eggs on hand for binding the mixture (I know, crazy huh) but the patties formed nicely without it because the Malanga is a bit slimy in texture.

I heated some olive oil in a skillet and pan fried them.

The final product on a bed of curried mayo for dipping.  I also squeezed a little fresh lemon juice on the patty.  I tried my hand at a little fancy schmancy plate design here.

Verdict:  I enjoyed the crunchiness.  The flavor was good but a little bland without the curry mayo and lemon juice so maybe next time I will add a sprinkle of salt right out of the pan (sort of like fries).  I would make them much thinner next time because the last one I made was a lot smaller than the others and I enjoyed it MUCH more because it was crunchy throughout instead of having a soft center.  It was similar to a hash brown texture but the inside was a bit slimy.  With the thinner, smaller one there was not that soft center and, in my opinion, the whole patty being crunchy was much more appealing.  Overall, I would definitely make this dish again with those minor adjustments.

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