bananas foster pizza pouches…

Just a few entries ago I told you about a completely amazing and simple banana dessert.  I call it bananas foster even though it may not be classically how it is made.  Here is that added twist I raved about.  Let’s take a closer look.
Cut up those bananas and toss in some self-rising flour.  
Thinly roll out some pizza dough.

Here is that same sauce from before: heavy whipping cream, your fav caramel sauce and a little sugar if you want, though I didn’t need it in mine.

Here is the mixture in a beautiful, bubbling fury. 

After pan frying those floured bananas in a little butter or margarine this is what they will look like. Put a few of the bananas on the pizza dough but be careful not to over-stuff.
Spoon just a little of the caramel sauce over the bananas but not too much because the bananas are already juicy.

Fold them like a burrito, then make a little bundle like shown below.  The pouch may seem thicker in some areas than others but the whole thing will bake just fine.  

Some people like to brush oil or egg-wash onto the dough to make it shiny but I love the way the dough looks very rustic and bakery-ish.  Is that a word?  According to my spell check, it is not but I like it.

This is the final product.  I whipped up more of the caramel sauce to drizzle over the little banana pouches.   

Listen, if you never try ANYTHING else from this blog, please try this dessert.  From start to finish it probably took a total of 15 mins to make and it had to be one of THEE best desserts I have EVER had.  Not just that I made, but that I have had, from anywhere.  It’s so great!  If you try it, tell me how you like it.


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