random dishes…

This is just another variation of the flatbreads I have been whipping up lately.  On this one I put pesto down first, then sauteed some ground, sage pork sausage and piled that on and finally topped it with spinach.  I baked it in a 425 degree oven and that was some good eating.

Here is some chicken lo mein from Pine Garden in Orlando, FL.  It was very tasty but I could NOT get over how tender and juicy the chicken was!

Here are some corn muffins that I whipped up with dinner one day.  It’s just boxed muffin mix (or you can make it from scratch if you’d like) and I added fresh rosemary and shredded cheddar cheese to the batter.  Baked normally and they were amazing!  Another variety I do every now and again is using my fav corn muffin box mix, I add some chopped and sauteed jalapeno peppers (without the seeds and ribs) and throw in some caramelized onions to make a moist Mexican muffin.  YUM!


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