pork and goat cheese stuffed bell peppers

How about stuffed peppers for dinner?  Let me show you how I like to make mine.
Start by boiling the bell pepper because even though it’s not mandatory, it does make the  veggie much softer.  If you like yours more al dente, then just boil it a little or not at all.  
Go baby gooooo….

Here is a little sage pork sausage sizzling away in a pan.. 

Added my spinach here… and seasoned them with a little salt and pepper…

Added a little basil puree next…

A little bread crumbs on top… 

Of course I needed a creamy element… goat cheese… 

Added Basmati rice but you could use any kind… that’s just what I had on hand… I find that using the 90 Second Ready Rice by Uncle Ben’s is best for quick cooking deals like this.  Also use this rice for my home-made shrimp fried rice.

A little drizzle of olive oil on top… 

Stuffed the pepper and put a few more olive oil drizzled bread crumbs on top for nice finish… 
Baked in the oven until the bread crumbs browned nicely…  



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