one potato, two potato, three potato, four

I love potatoes.  There are so many ways to prepare them and in America we are great at figuring out new ways to cook food all the time.  I began wondering about these roots and decided to go in search of some information about them.
Idaho or Russet potatoes are the most common potatoes and maybe that’s because they are what we use to make french fries.  They are also inexpensive to buy but larger than others so you get more for your money when buying them.  They’re full of antioxidants and even though I am not sure why that matters, I hear it’s good for you.

Below are red potatoes and they are a smaller variety than the Russets.  Lots of people use them in their potato salad recipes, simply baked with herbs for dinner or for mashed potatoes.  I have used them for mashed potatoes and they cook quickly.  Personally, I like to remove the skin but the skins of these potatoes are edible and often gives the potato a crispier texture when baked. 

Here is another common potato, sweet potatoes.  Who doesn’t like sweet potato pie?  Ok, I don’t like sweet potato pie, but that is beside the point.  I have to be wrong about it because too many people love this potato so I figured it bares mentioning.  Other than sweet potato pie, my family simply bakes them plain or even microwaves them until they are soft and just adds butter because they are already so sweet.  Hot Olives, a great restaurant in Winter Park, FL, is the ONLY place I have found that actually transformed the sweet potato into something I love, sweet potato fries.  OH my… so delish… but I digress…

Fun Facts:
  • Russet potatoes are used to brew liquor such as vodka!  YUM
  • Red potatoes were first cultivated in Peru (lucky them) and are available year round!
  • Sweet potatoes with a little lime juice are sometimes used as a clothing dye in South America!

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