easy bananas foster for dessert

Here is a little diddy that I cooked up one evening when I was hankering for a dessert but, being in the middle of a move, there was no food in the house because I had most of my kitchen packed away already.  There were a couple ripened bananas and a few condiments.  BANANAS FOSTER!  That’s what I thought of so I went ahead and started here…  Now the idea was to be simple here… so even though I call this a bananas foster, there is no ice cream, no liqueur and no flambe! 🙂 
I dredged the sliced bananas in self-rising flour…

Then let it sizzle in a pan of melted butter…

In that same, unwashed pan… put a little heavy cream and a drizzle of your favorite caramel and let it bubble up… 

Pour over your bananas… and taste this completely AMAZING concoction… so simple and so delicious!
Now what to do?  Eat as is like I did or pour over ice cream, plain pound cake or crunchy waffles.

If you like bananas, you will love this dish.  Watch what I do with this same recipe in a later blog entry… If you think it can’t get any better… you’re in for a huge surprise!


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