tomato, spinach and pesto flatbread

Store bought pizza dough… maybe next time I will make my own… also.. this blog is not about low-cost dining but can I just say that the dough was under $3 and I cut it in thirds.  I floured the other two pieces and threw them in the fridge for later!
Basil and pine nut pesto went down first.. 
Then plain goat cheese went down..
I put a good handful of spinach down and tiny dollops of basil puree went on top of that… 
Finally I sprinkled the top with some tomato-basil bruschetta…
Popped this baby onto a sheet pan laced with olive oil and into a 425 degree oven and watched her go….  BTW (by the way) by the time the oven preheated to 425 degrees, I was finished rolling out the dough and constructing the flatbread. 
The finished product… and it was so good.  The flavors blended together so well.  It was flatbread, NOT pizza because I wanted to be sure that I made that distinction.

The list… simple and cost effective…


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