waffle and grape dessert

This little midnight snack was quick and painless.  This post is more so for people who love to eat rather than “foodies” per se because as a self-proclaimed foodie, I would normally scoff at the idea of packaged goods…. In this case I made a major exception because it is delicious and mainly because I was snackish and I had to use the ingredients that could be found in my sister’s home.  BTW (by the way)… my sister does NOT cook! 
Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way… here is what you are looking at.  A frozen waffle toasted on a high setting to make it crispy.  Whipped cream, drizzles of caramel sauce and drizzles of maple syrup.  I was looking for a fruity element so I threw a few grapes on there.  Note: they look good whole but halve them for a more practical way to eat this baby.  If my sister had a cook’s pantry, there would have been some sort of nut for a crunchy element, but alas, there was not.  It was still delicious. 
Now, for all of my true foodies out there who would not be caught alive using boxed anything… go ahead and make some home-made waffles, pick fresh berries from your garden out back, whip your own heavy cream and tap a maple tree for the syrup… either way is snack attack satisfaction! 

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