sweet treats… yummm

This has GOT to be my favorite chocolate dessert EVER!  The Chocolate Island from Bahama Breeze has everything chocolate swirled into one.
Fudge brownie topped with chocolate mousse, then covered in chocolate sauce and swimming in a creamy, delicious pool of vanilla bean anglaise and if that wasn’t enough, it is sprinkled with toasted and slivered almonds!!!  Yes… I am still alive to tell about it… because with all of that it is still not too sweet!
Hot Olives in Winter Park has a new dish created by the manager.  Bread pudding with a whipped topping…. very nice hearty bread… still comforting but not like the traditional bread pudding you might be used to…. check it out
Oh!  How I love to get treats from my co-workers… and this co-worker actually MADE this herself!

A little dessert sampler from Red Lobsters in Sanford, FL… who knew they had it going on like this??? I sure didn’t!


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